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Why Would Artificial Flowers Be Even More Expensive Than Real Flowers

Well, it sounds a bit unbelievable, right? But the price of some well-crafted artificial flower is indeed higher (or even much higher) than real flower. For decades, fake flowers are thought to be dirt cheap. One of the reasons that we formed this impression is that sellers used to decorate their on sale furniture or model room with inexpensive, terribly-crafted plastic flowers (you know, to cut off the cost). But now, the progress of production process makes artificial flower look and feel real. And the price is “the price”.

An artificial sunflower that looks very similar to a real one


Why is real touch flower more expensive than we think?

Speaking of some not-that-cheap artificial flowers, the real touch is gotta be one of them. To make fake flowers look and feel less like some plastic bargains, the industry found its way to craft something that mimics the true appearance of natural plants. But that’s not enough, so we managed to create a real smell, and then, a real touch.

To make fake flowers have the same looking, feeling and texture as real flowers, special materials are required. PU foam, latex, silicone, and other polymers are used in producing real touch flowers. That leads to increase in raw material costs.

Real touch flowers have both real touching and looking of natural flowers

The even bigger part comes with the labor costs. Low-quality fake flowers only need assembly line production. Assemble the petals, dye it casually, stick it with the stem and that’s it, all done. But the growth of a natural flower is nothing like this. Each heads on a cluster of flowers is different, and petals are not identical to each other, too. Other factors like that the petals could be gradient, and the stems should be covered with thorn, all make real touch flowers a lot harder to manufacture. In order to make the shape and color of each artificial flower exactly the same as the natural one, high-tech labor (and longer production time) is needed.

The details of the artificial flower are extremely realistic


Are artificial flowers worth buying now?

I’d say YES. For many reasons, flowers are not an option in some specific occasions. Generally, the flowering period of a blossom is only 3 - 30 days, and it wilts and deforms in this period. That limits its use in commercial activities. Business like photography, graphic design and home improvement requires floral arrangements with real look and long durability. Real look artificial flowers become their perfect choice and reduced their cost in the long run.

For family use and home decorations, artificial flower overcomes the problem of seasonality and withering. It makes you able to appreciate your favorite flower at any time of a year, and in its best color and shape.

 The artificial flower maintains its perfect color and shape


In some specific occasions, artificial flowers also have unique advantages. For example, in the outdoors, palm trees trunks can easily fall off and hurt pedestrians. Wooden plants near fire sources could be the cause of fire accidents.

While artificial flower has its own flow, too. People might find themselves getting tired of looking at the same flower for a long time since artificial flowers won’t fade and wilt. But if you want some certain floral decor to match up with a fixed part of your house, fake flowers could be good option. So if you’re considering purchase some real looking and touching flower arrangements for your house or other uses, here at ArtificialMerch , we offer them at the best price you could ever find.

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