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5 Best Artificial Flower Decor Ideas For Fireplaces | ArtificialMerch - Artificialmerch

5 Best Artificial Flower Decor Ideas For Fireplaces | ArtificialMerch

Artificial Flower Decor Ideas For The Mantel In Your House 

 In old days, fireplace was in the kitchen because its main function was to heat the food. While nowadays it’s usually to “heat” your relationships. People gather around the mantel to chat, to share or just to gather around the mantel. It becomes the center of a house and thus evolves into the symbol of a home. The flame in the fireplace always reminds you of your sweet home. So after cookstove and air conditioner were invented, mantel become something symbolic and decorative. For those who kept mantels in their house, today we’re gonna talk about decorating them with artificial flowers .


Why fake flowers 

 Well, let’s start with why you should use floral arrangements , especially fake ones, to decorate the fireplace mantel. If you use mantel shelves and have your TV above the shove then it’s very simple, you need some flowers on every TV cabinet.

 Also, flowers are great pair for separate fireplaces. The common decoration styles of fireplaces are wooden style, brick style, Victorian pure white style, marble style, cobblestone shape, retro metal shape, etc. These decoration styles are monotonous. Some additional decorations, such as flowers and artwork are very good icing on the “burning cake”.

 Then why should you use artificial flowers instead of real flowers? Well, as fireplace decorations, fake flowers have several obvious advantages over real ones


1.They keep in perfect shape 

 The area around the fireplace is warmer than the rest of the room. Real flowers as ornaments will quickly dehydrate, wilt and become deformed around the flames. The color will start to turn black. For fake flowers, there is no such thing as wilt. The materials used in fake flowers will not shrink when the temperature rises, and can maintain the perfect shape and color for a very long time even around a ball of fire.


 2.They are safer 

Because it is close to the fire source, the mantelpiece often needs to be fireproofed. Decorations around the fireplace should be made of non-combustible materials,too. But the flowers of some woody plants may become a fire hazard factor. Fake flowers made of fire-resistant materials (or fire-prevention treated) can solve this danger to a large extent, allowing you to enjoy your favorite woody plant flowers as decorations without worrying about the living room being ignited.


3.They have more shapes, colors and combinations

 Decorating the fireplace may not be as simple as it seems. If there are more flower decoration shapes, more possibilities will be created and more styles of the fireplace will be presented. At this point, fake flowers can play their own advantages-a variety of shapes (even colors and shapes that do not exist in nature) and the possibility of DIY.


5 Best Artificial Flower Ideas To Decorate The Fireplace 




The wreath of fake flowers can perfectly fill the blank wall right above the mantel,which goes all the way to the ceiling, and its round and regular shape is also very compatible with the design of a mantel. It is a commonly used fireplace decoration method in many home decor designs;

 What’s more, Wreath is an indispensable choice for Christmas decorations, and Christmas and mantels seem to be a natural pair. We’d come to this point later.


 2.Plain bouquet

 In contrast to the warm colors of mantels, plain bouquets make the entire fireplace look more color coordinated, especially for mantel shelves. Of course, you can also choose bright flowers like sunflowers if your mantel is in a plain design style. Recommended bouquets are camellia, ponies, hydrangea, etc.


3.Christmas pine cone decorations


Now that mantel has made your home look very cozy, why not directly use it as the centerpiece of Christmas decorations? Some decorations combined with pine cones and green grass match the fireplace very well. We had a post of pine cone decor ideas for Christmas, you can find it here .

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