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Why You Should Decorate Your Kitchen With Artificial Flowers And How To Do It

I bet you saw a lot of colorful plants and flowers on the design sketch when you tried to redo the kitchen, maybe on top of the sink or near the oven. That’s reasonable  because now people don’t just take the kitchen as a merely functional place. It needs some deck, too. But after you really tried to fit some floral into the cooking place, you realize that things are not that simple. Many factors make fresh flower decoration something impossible in the kitchen. So today we’re going to talk about using artificial flower as an alternative.

Why you should decorate your kitchen with fake plants instead of real ones

To get rid of all those troubles real flower might bring to you. Above all, the priory factor is that it might contaminate your food. Planting something next to your cooker would get dirt in your dishes. And if these plants happen to have flowers with a lot of pollen, your food might become an allergen in summer.

Also, plants have to be of very strong vitality to grow prosperously for the high temperature, humidity and lack of sunlight in the kitchen. That’s the reason why you’d always find kitchen decoration plants to be ferns or spider plants, because those plants are shade-loving. Well the color and shape of those shade-loving plants are very similar, bringing in a lot of limitations when decorating your kitchen. That’s why artificial flowers came as quite an alternative for many families.

To be clear, I’m not referring to those low-cost fake vine with ugly, plastic-looking. Actually many types of artificial flowers are made to be extremely realistic that you won’t be able to tell it’s fake unless you give it a very very close look. Those real look and real touch flowers have no trouble “living” in anywhere or at any time of year. They are totally neat and pollen-free.

How to decorate your kitchen with artificial flowers

After talking about “why”, now let’s focus on “how” to do it. Here I’ve collected some best ideas of floral arrangements you could fit in the kitchen, I’m going to list them out without using “it depends”.

1.Green flowers and plants

I know what you’re thinking about, the green kitchen in “Growing Pain”. This family comedy gave many people ideas on how to decorate the kitchen set. As the kitchen is a place for cooking, many people would decorate it in a warm style, and some green plants and flowers can reconcile its color. Green can also be appetizing when paired with the right color. They will fit on your dining table. The recommended green artificial flowers are hydrangea and tulip.

The green hydrangea fits greatly in kitchen


2.Artificial Sunflower

People say that yellow and orange are the most appetizing colors ever. And if you think about something both yellow and orange, and natural, it’s got to be the sunflower. But one thing wrong about fit a sunflower in the kitchen is its size. You should pick something with a smaller head and stem so it won't look so obtrusive in the kitchen.

Some flowers with appetizing warm color


3.Bouquets in vases

The good thing about bouquets is that you can mix them up yourself, and they fit into almost all environments. If your kitchen decoration style is more elaborate, then bouquets are good choices. Put them in vases and have it by your sink, trust me and you’ll be impressed.

Green bouquet in a vase is perfect for your dinner table

If you want to find some of your own ideas about how to decorate the kitchen, here at Artificialmerch you’ll get to see all artificial flowers that might fit. Check them out and create a “new” kitchen for your new year.

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