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About us is the world's largest online shop for artificial flowers. We have the largest number of artificial flower varieties in the world, and the largest number of exclusive artificial flower products.

Our products cover all artificial flower related-products, the following is our product lines:

AM-Bargain - committed to providing the most affordable artificial flower-related products. If you need to purchase AM-Bargain products, please visit: AM-Bargains 

AM-Basics - With Nature and Real as the core product concept, it brings consumers the most cost-effective artificial flower products. AM-Basics’ products are subject to our strict quality control and provide a 90-day unconditional return and exchange policy. So that you can buy at ease. If you need to purchase AM-Basics products, please visit: AM-basics 

AM-Luxury - The best artificial flower products. AM-Luxury represents the highest level of artificial flower production process. If you need to purchase AM-Luxury products, please visit:


We want to show the world that artificial flowers can be natural, real and environmentally friendly. Artificial flowers will not replace real flowers, but satisfy our desire for beauty. At this point, and there is no difference between the two.