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How to Clean And Care For Your Luxury Artificial Flowers - Artificialmerch

How to Clean And Care For Your Luxury Artificial Flowers

Compared with a natural flower, artificial flower is able to stay in its best shape and color for a very long time. But the time can be extended to even longer if you care for it properly. Like a real one, artificial flower requires some attention and, you know, a little bit patience. Actually, caring for a dedicated luxury artificial flower  is no easier than growing a real one. But today we’re gonna make it a lot straight forward by telling you what to do with luxury artificial flowers and how to do it.

How to clean artificial flowers

Placed in the same place for a long time, your artificial flower arrangements will inevitably get covered with some dust or stained. But you should think twice before just taking them into your sink. Improper cleaning methods may bring damage to artificial flowers.

1.Avoid water washing them

If your flower is just covered with some dirt, just shake it or dust it. Luxury artificial flowers are precisely shaped to the full blossom of a natural flower. And the process of washing (especially in hot/warm water) and drying could easily has it deformed, or cause a color fade.

2.Pick the right cleaning liquid

If you have to wash it, then carefully choose the cleaning liquid - its best to use just cold water. Some chemicals in cleaning products might fade the flowers’ color. Real touch flower is made by coating the flower with latex or other materials. The cleaning liquid could break it and totally ruin the tactility. 

If you have to use something, use silk cleaning spray/detergent (most luxury flowers are made by silk) or the merchant-provided cleaner.

3.Dry them properly

The petals of most flowers grow upward. After cleaning the artificial flowers, hang them backwards and have them naturally air-dried and you should be able to avoid deforming their shape. But, flowers like sunflowers and daisies’ petal grows in parallel, thus should be dried upward.

Sunflowers have parallel petals and should be dried upwards

How to care for luxury artificial flowers

To keep luxury artificial flowers in their conditions, there are some things to keep in minds.

1.Avoid direct sunlight

The first is not to put it under direct sunlight. The chemical dyes used in artificial flower are often artificially colored, to create a looking of layered and natural. But it means a slight fading of color would make the overall look of the flower much less beautiful. To preserve its color, remember to store it in shade.

 The color of luxury artificial flower is layered and natural

2.Avoid open flames and high temperature

Silk is one of the combustibles. Try not to put artificial flowers near your fireplace or the cooking place unless they’re flame retardant treated (Some merchant offers flowers of fire-proof). High temperature could easily deform the shape or even has it melted.

3.Dust them often

Keeping the surfaces of artificial flowers clean extends their lifespan and prevents possible damage caused by removing stains. Dust them with soft duster or handkerchief.

So the next time you want to clean your luxury artificial flowers, remember to do it right. And if you’re interested in purchasing new ones to replace them, you’re at the right place. Here at  ArtficialMerch  we offer the best luxury artificial flowers and real touch flowers you could find. Check them out and you will be hooked.

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