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Special Discount


Our prices have been the lowest in the industry. However, a discount could be given to you once you meet one of the conditions below:

    1. If you pay though Western Union, we will provide you an extra 5% discount. Contact us at sales@artificialmerch.com first.
    2. Cashback on Samples. If you purchase fewer than 3 for each SKU for the first time, but the quantity of your second purchase exceeds 50, we will refund you all the amount of the SKU you purchased for the first time. Please contact us when you complete your second order, and we will refund you the money of your first order by PayPal after confirmation.
    3. If you have a website of your own and if you would like to share a link of ours at your website (keeping it for at least six months). Within the period of six months, we will offer one of your orders a 5% discount. Please contact us first by E-mail: Lily@artificialmerch.com
    4. If you are a Non-Profit Organization or If you’re organizing an activity for public benefits and you need our products, we will offer you 20% discount for you. Please contact us to tell your situation: Lily@artificialmerch.com