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7 Fake Winter Flower Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Even More Wintery - Artificialmerch

7 Fake Winter Flower Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Even More Wintery

I know, you might be surprised by what you see in the title. You must be thinking why would anybody choose winter ones when he decides to purchase some fake flowers? I thought the meaning of artificial flowers is that people can still appreciate those summer-blooming warm elves in cold weather. Well, you got the point. But it also seems a little bit strange to have a bright red sunflower in your house when snowflakes are falling outside the window, just two sides of a coin.

Well, for those people who prefer their home decoration to follow the laws of nature, but don’t want a fresh winter flower to wither and rot in their house with just a short period of time, artificial winter flowers become a perfect choice. So today I have collected five winter artificial flower ideas that are perfect for home decoration. Find the one that suits your dining table or TV cabinet, and make your home more wintery!

1.Christmas Roses

When it comes to Christmas-related plants, everyone will think of the balsam fir hanging all kinds of dazzling decorations. But in fact, there is a very representative flower for Christmas too - Christmas Roses. The scientific name of Christmas rose is helleborus niger, a plant that wildly blooms even in the depth of Christmas winter (apparently that’s how it gets this nickname). Helleborus niger is bright in color, very suitable as a winter home arrangement, but it carries poison in leaves, stems and roots. So artificial helleborus is safer as decor if there is any kid or pet in the house.

“Artificial Christmas roses with bright red color”

2. Camellia

A winter flower like an oriental beauty. Most varieties of camellia bloom between October and April, crossing through the entire cold winter. It is a typical winter flower. Camellia is great as a home decoration not only for its delicate flower color and shape, but also for its leaves’ unique texture (that is, tea).

“Artificial camellia has both beautiful flowers and leaves”

3. Succulent lotus

Succulents have always been known for their strong vitality, they can even survive in the extremely cold, snowy winter outdoors. Meanwhile, the succulent lotus is able to maintain its perfect flower shape for a long time (of course, the artificial succulent lotus should be able to keep it till you get bored and have it replaced). For those who don’t like the color of floral decors to be too dramatic, succulent lotus would be great.

“The succulent lotus has a very elegant shape and color”

4. Spring Orchid

Spring orchid is a kind of flower with a unique appearance and great charm. It blooms in late autumn and does not wither until late spring. Its lavender color drew it a lot of love from gardeners, but spring orchid is not some easy-to-grow plant that you can just water everyday and wait for it to bloom. If you do not have enough patience and time, then artificial spring orchid should be a better option for you.

“Spring orchid is unique in its shape and color”

5. Plum Blossom

Plum blossom is a rather mysterious oriental flower. It grows directly on the branches of trees, creating a peculiar beauty. Plum blossoms are considered a symbol of strength in East Asian culture because they always bloom in the cold winter. It may not be possible to plant a plum tree at home, but an artificial plum blossom branch could be a very stylish home decoration.

“Plum blossom has a very special oriental temperament”

6. Berries 

Technically, berries are not flower, but I bet you’ve seen a lot of people pairing their Christmas ornaments with those tiny red fruit. No matter what it goes with, the berries can instantly fill the room with a warm Christmas atmosphere. Add some artificial berry branches to your home decoration and warm up the winter!

“Berries can be paired with almost all Christmas ornaments”

7. Poinsettia

Again, red. Poinsettia serves as a great window frame decoration in winter. It usually blooms from October to December but only for dozens of days. So if you want your windows to have some colored parts throughout the whole winter, you should buy some artificial poinsettias .

Above I’ve listed seven artificial flowers that could bring some winter mood to the family. Here in ArtificialMerch’s Christmas collection you’ll be able find most of them at a good price. Hope you enjoy your holiday with your family and have a great winter!

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