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How to Identify Artificial Flower And Plastic Flower, Hear Them From Our Expert - Artificialmerch

How to Identify Artificial Flower And Plastic Flower, Hear Them From Our Expert

Many people consider the words “artificial” and “fake” to be equivalent. But in our industry, that is not true. The category of fake flower, as we mean, contain all kinds of non-natural flowers that are sold as commodities. While by artificial flower , we mean a specific kind of highly-crafted and extremely-realistic fake flower decoration. To be more straight and clear, those rough and ugly plastic flowers are not a kind of artificial flowers. And today we are going to tell you the difference.

Why artificial flowers

There are several very straightforward reasons why you should choose artificial flowers instead of real ones.


At present, the looking of artificial flowers is very close to real plants. Some luxury artificial flowers might even able to stimulate its smell and tactile impression.

These artificial orchids look very similar to real flowers

2.Sometimes you might not a very good gardener

Let’s face the reality, not everyone is an excellent gardener. Many of us fail to grow our plants well (or sometimes we even feel so hard to keep them alive). If you really want some floral arrangements in your house and you’re one of the black thumbs, then buy some artificial ones.

3.Limited time and energy

If your work drives you away from home a lot, you might not have enough time and energy to grow and care for a real plant. But when the road warriors get back to their houses, they might still want to see some flowers on their table.


You should be careful when choosing the flower decor for the house if you are prone to pollen allergies. But no need to worry about artificial ones.

Tips to identify artificial flowers and plastic flowers

When shopping artificial flowers online, pay attention to the authenticity of the pictures. Some rendered and edited pictures may be too different from the real ones. If you’re buying in bulk, I’d suggest you to take some samples first. 

The materials used for artificial flowers are often complicated, which may include silk, nylon, composites, and a small amount of plastic, etc. While plastic flower uses, of course, plastics. Because of the overlapping of materials, it is impossible to completely have them identified through the material list when shopping (some businesses do not mark the materials used for flowers), so here are some tips you can use to identify artificial flowers yourself.

1.Softer tactility

The material used for artificial flowers is usually softer and has a better texture compared to plastic flowers. Plastic flowers are usually very hard. For some high-end artificial flowers, even a real touch can be achieved through craftsmanship.

2.Petal & Leaf curl

Plastic is hard and difficult to shape, so plastic flowers appear to be flat without any curled petals and leaves. While artificial flowers tend to be more like natural flowers, with appropriate curls and textures.

Artificial flowers have curls similar to natural petals and leaves

3.The branches

Usually we’d focus on the heads and leaves while ignore the branches when looking at a artificial flower. But if you take a closer look, you will find high-quality artificial flowers to have exquisite detailed branches. While the low-quality plastic flowers just use simple and repetitive grinding tools, and the branches are very rudimentary.

The branch of a high quality artificial flowers is detailed

4.The color

Whether the color is real - extremely bright pure colors rarely appear in nature. Identify with the naked eye, and you’ll some plastic flowers with dramatic color and shape.

If you got any other question on artificial flowers or dried flowers, you’ll welcome to consult our experts. Here at ArtificialMerch, you’ll also find those “too real to be real” artificial flowers you’ve been looking for.

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