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Best Ideas To Decorate Your Bathroom With Flowers In 2022 - Artificialmerch

Best Ideas To Decorate Your Bathroom With Flowers In 2022

A few days ago we talked about decorating the kitchen place with artificial flowers & plants , and people are getting interested in the whole "decorating the functional places" idea. So the bathroom comes next. In many houses, there is separate toilet or guest toilet that is in great need for being less functional and more lifelike. If you're a floral lovers, then this is right place for you. Today we're going to discuss about decorating the bathroom with flowers & plants.


Why and how you should decorate your bathroom with flowers & plants

In the entire house, the most drab room is probably the toilet. Few of us would speed a lot of time thinking about making it looks better instead of functions better. All we care about is no dripping, no leaking, and no blocking. But think about it, this is a place everyone goes into and stay. Especially for guest toilet, it’s necessary to have it stylish a little bit.

 The design of your bathroom is probably monotonous. Indeed, it can use some ornaments. But before putting those colorful roses into your toilet room, there are things to avoid.

1.There is extreme moisture and almost no sunlight in the bathroom

The windows of bathroom usually use opaque glass or translucent blinds to block the sight from people, and the sun. That limits your choice. The environment in the toilet room is just harsh for most plants to grow.

2.Don’t go too far

Can you imagine a bathroom of brightly colored flowers all over the wall? Because most toilets are decorated in plain color, ornaments can easily make it looks garish.

3.Better be aquatic plants

Terrestrial plants comes with dirt - something you wouldn’t want them to be flushed down the drain pipe and have it blocked. Plus, terrestrial plants normally can’t live with the moisture.

Among the remaining options are ferns and shade-loving orchids are suitable for most toilet rooms. But if you’re tired of those common plants in bathroom, I’d suggest you to try some real looking artificial flowers. And I’m going to share with you some good ideas of getting them into this tiny chamber.

1.Fruit & Flower branches

Try it, and you’ll find out how amazing fruit & flower branches go with the separate toilet room. Recommended artificial branches are plum blossom and pomegranates .

The plain color and unique looking of branches pair with bathroom style


Remember what I said about “Don’t go too far”? Well, that doesn’t apply to greenery. You can put maybe 10 baskets of greenery in your bathroom but it still won’t look weird.

3.A brightly colored flower or bouquet

JUST ONE. If you put too many light-color flowers in the bathroom, it’ll definitely go garish. But a single sunflower or a bouquet of mini roses right above the stool can attract people’s attention and light up the entire room.

Bright colors can easily divert people's attention from the toilet.

4.Plain color bouquets

Bouquet or flower with plain color fit on your toilet perfectly. It pairs with toothbrush, towels and everything else you would put on the shelve and makes the shelve a lot more stylish.


So is it funny to turn those functional places in your home into a colorful corner that brings you good mood every morning when taking a bath? If you’re interested in decorating the toilet with artificial flowers, then look no more. Here at ArtificialMerch you’ll find everything you need. Check on those artificial flowers that’s too real to be real.

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