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Best Bridal Bouquet Options On Your Wedding Carpet - Artificialmerch

Best Bridal Bouquet Options On Your Wedding Carpet

Wedding means flying silk ribbons, beautiful dresses and flowers all over the whole wedding venue! Yes, no one forgets to use flowers on their wedding. These beautiful plants are essential for this beautiful day. Perhaps the wedding company would have contracted all the venue flower arrangements for you, but for that bouquet you will hold in your hand while walking in front of everyone, you are right to be picky. Sometimes it becomes difficult to make the choice ‘cause you don’t know much about it at all. When and why did the custom of bridal bouquet appear? Which bouquets are right for your wedding? Today I’ll cover these issues and offer some inspirations. Stay tuned and find out how to choose the bouquet of flowers for probably the most important day in your life.


Why we have to hold the bridal bouquet when walking down the aisle? 

 The modern form of wedding bouquets appeared in the Victorian period, but the tradition dates back to ancient time. While, the ancients did not carry flowers, but some herbs or spices that were easier to get at the time. They believed the sweet smell would bring good luck to the new couple. As time goes on, flower became the substitute for its aromatic fragrance, brilliant appearance and meaningful flower languages.

Later, bridal bouquet developed an important ritual custom - tossing the bouquet into the crowd of single women, whoever catches it is thought to be the next one to get married.

In the past, bouquets were often carefully prepared by the bride. She needed to consider many things, such as the fragrance, the color, and what she want to express through the bouquet. But what matters now is just its looking. Wedding holding flowers  become merely icing on the cake and people use it just to follow traditions.


How to select the right bridal bouquet for your wedding reception? 

 1.Match with the bride 

 The bride holds the flowers. Don’t make the bride look like she just returned from shopping in the supermarket, holding a bunch of vegetables to cook for dinner. Nothing matters more than that. The choice of bouquet should take into account the design of the bridal gown. Normally, for dresses with more convergent designs, some fresh-looking flowers like camellias or white mini roses would be great. For dresses that are very ostentatious in design, flowers like large roses and sunflowers might be good choices.


 2.Matchingthe theme of the wedding reception 

 Your wedding theme determines the main color and style of the venue. Matching your bridal bouquet with it can never be wrong. But remember, it should be different from the flowers used in wedding decorations.



 The right size of the wedding bouquet should never steal the bride's thunder. Brides who are not that tall should consider getting a smaller bouquet. And those who get less confident for their tall figure can use some bigger bouquets to make themselves look petite (while, not something too big for you to toss).


 4.Don't prepare too early, the bouquet will wither 

 Keeping the flowers fresh could be a challenge. When we are so busy checking every detail of the wedding, those lively elves can be easily overlooked. When it's time to take them down the aisle, they’ve shrunk and turned yellow.

The good news is , people are starting to use dried or artificial flowers for bridal bouquet. No need to worry about its wilt anymore. Another reason why dried/artificial flowers  might be a good choice is that you don’t have to consider the seasonality. Just pick your favorite flower from anytime of the year and have it with you at the most important day of your life.


 Some wedding bouquet options for you 



 This is a choice that will never go wrong. If you choose hydrangeas  as bridal bouquet, you can probably Ignore all the precautions I mentioned above. It is in a perfect size and fits for almost any wedding theme, any bridal gown, and everyone who holds it. The first time you picture your wedding, a hydrangea bouquet probably popped into your head.

 Hydrangea is what most people choose as bridal bouquet



 Dahlias, as I might address it, is one of the most elegant flowers in the world, perfect for occasions like wedding. Dahlias come in many colors and sizes, easy to match your dress and over-all style of the wedding venue. Usually, dahlias can be paired with some green leaves and other small flowers to make a great bouquet.

 Dahlias are excellent wedding flower choices


 3.RoseBouquet (mini) 

 Of course roses cannot be absent for a romantic occasion. You can put some large red roses on the wedding table and use them as one of the regular decorations. But for bridal bouquet, I’d recommend you mini roses for it matches the bride’s dressing more easily.

 pink mini roses



 Peonies’ flower language says romance and happy marriage. Its gorgeous appearance and aromatic smell made it one of the most popular wedding flowers among all. But Peonies are one of the most expensive floral kinds and only in season for a very short time. So fake peonies might be an alternative.

 Peonies have both gorgeous appearance and romantic flower language


 Actually, other floral like sunflowers, spring orchid and camellias  are excellent as bridal bouquet too. I’m not going to list every one of them here. Check ArtificialMerch for more wedding flowers ideas and shop them at the best price! Wish you a happy happy wedding!

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