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If you have over 5,000 fans on any social media (YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram and so on), we will provide you our products of maximum total value sixty dollars for free (including freight charge).

What you need to do is:

- Post on your social media to introduce our products by giving your reviews and share with your fans our link: https://www.artificialmerch.com

- Take three photos for us and authorize for our usage. We will use them on our website and social media.

In addition, we will also provide your fans with codes of special offers as much as 15% discount for a limit number of 50. This is the highest discount amount that we could offer at present.

After we complete the cooperation for the first time, we could negotiate a new one for we will provide our excellent partners with more free products and special offers.

Please contact us first to inform us about the address of your social media. We will send the codes of 60 dollars and 15% discount to you after approval.

You may reach us through the methods below if you’re interested:

Email: vip@artificialmerch.com
Whatsapp: +8617312123884