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Is it cheaper to have real or silk flowers for a wedding?

Is it cheaper to have real or silk flowers for a wedding?

There is no doubt that planning a wedding can weigh heavy on your wallet, especially when you want it to be exactly as you dreamed it. But there are only so many opportunities where you can save money without compromising the beauty of your celebration. And if you are wondering if wedding silk flowers are cheaper than real ones, we have the answer for you.

The short answer is yes! You can save lots of money buying wedding artificial flowers instead of real ones. And there are many reasons why: first, you can buy them any time before your celebration so that you can take advantage of sale prices, discounts, or special events. You can also save money by making your decorations in advance, spending only on the materials, and saving on labor.

Another reason wedding silk flowers are cheaper than real flowers is because you can buy them in bulk. Even if you have the time and skills to create your natural floral arrangements, you probably won't have access to wholesale prices, but when you buy wedding artificial flowers, you can benefit from bulk prices. Perhaps you won't need as many flowers as greenery, so you can take advantage of reduced prices when buying larger quantities of artificial greenery items.



Wedding silk flowers are also easier to work with, and you don't need to hydrate them, clean them, take the spikes off, and worry about having them at a proper temperature, so they don't die. When you choose to have wedding artificial flowers, you can rest knowing they are easy to store and look the same, so you won't worry about some of them being smaller than others like you do when buying real flowers.

Transportation is another great advantage and way to save; when you buy real flowers, you must pay for transportation which usually implies a refrigerated unit with specialists to load and unload the van, plus place every centerpiece or floral arrangement in its place. And if you choose to have large items, there will be an extra charge for multiple rides. But transportation won't be an issue with wedding silk flowers, and you can easily fit your creations in a simple car without refrigeration or special handling.

Real flowers have seasonal limitations; some of the favorites for many couples, especially brides, are limited by season. And although there are possibilities to source them from another part of the world, the cost will skyrocket like you can't imagine. In that case, the best option is to go for wedding silk flowers because you can have them all year long and preserve them for years with a steady and even reduced price during certain seasons.



If you are still hesitant about wedding silk flowers, here are some of our top reasons artificial flowers are a better option than real flowers, in addition to saving you tons of money.


They come in all colors.

Finding a specific shade of blue, purple, or red might be quite a hassle when you work with real flowers, many times even if the color exists, your florist might have a different concept of peach tone than you do, ending up with a different result than what you originally expected. And what to say about fantasy colors, those you don't often see in nature, like black or bright blue? Painting natural flowers to achieve those colors is only sometimes an option, and they also paint the water they are in or make it look old within a couple of hours.


On the other hand, wedding artificial flowers won't give you a hard time because they come in all sorts of colors; you can buy a sample and see if it is the exact tone you are looking for before buying a large quantity. They can easily match fabric and ribbon colors, and you won't have to worry about explaining the color to a florist and waiting for them to match the rest of your decorations.


Forget about allergies.

Nothing is more expensive than running to the emergency room on your wedding day because your florist forgot to exclude the greenery or flowers you are allergic to. When you buy wedding silk flowers, you can forget about any unexpected allergic reaction from you or your guests. Filling up a room with flowers can become a reality without hearing sneezes while you exchange vows and have a romantic first dance with your partner.


No off-season limits.

Sourcing your flowers from a foreign country at a high cost and without the beauty you expected can be expensive and disappointing. When you prefer artificial wedding flowers, you won't have limits regarding seasonal blooms, colors, or textures. Without limitations, you can order the most uncommon flowers from any season, color, or texture. You can also combine flowers that are usually from spring with those you love from fall.


Weather won't matter.

Getting married on a hot summer day could be a dream come true for you. Still, your wedding florist will feel different if you want a hanging installation under the sun or a path of flowers leading up to the altar in your outdoor ceremony location. Why? High temperatures and the sun are the number one enemy for natural blooms; they dehydrate, start losing their color, and spoil.

If your wedding is set to be during summer, you can't go wrong with wedding artificial flowers; they will endure the hot sun and look the same throughout the entire wedding. They are reliable and won't change their overall shape regardless of how hot your wedding day is. Plus, you can install them with days of anticipation, perhaps the night before or a couple of days earlier, to save time and avoid being under the sun.

For all of the above reasons, wedding silk flowers are ideal for saving money while having beautiful pieces of decoration for your big celebration. They save you time, money, and stressful situations and are easy to move, install, and work with. And you can buy them with months of anticipation, helping you spread the costs of your wedding. If you are convinced about the magic of wedding artificial flowers, head to our website and discover all the possibilities we have for your upcoming wedding.

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