Four Steps to Make Artificial Flowers

In China, the history of artificial flowers has been more than one thousand years. By comparison to traditional fresh flowers, artificial flowers have many advantages: they look more colorful, their styles are unique and elegant, they can be preserved for a long period of time, they have variety of categories and their costs are lower than fresh flowers.

The material used to manufacture artificial flowers are silk, goffered paper, polyester, plastics and crystal. Here are four steps to make artificial flowers below:

Step One: Pattern Making. Pure the vulcanizate solution into the mold, cool down and remove from the mold to make the semi finished product of flower or leaves.

Step Two: Coloring. There are two methods of coloring: either put the semi finished flower or leaves into the vulcanized solution of other color and then separate and cool down; or a spray gun can be used to directly spray-paint the color needed on the semi finished product.

Step Three: Heat Sealing and Molding. After coloring, put the semi finished flowers and leaves into heat sealing machine with temperature of 200 -300 ℃. And press the semi finished product into finished product with mold.

Step Four:  Assembling and Finalizing. Fix the finished product of petals and leaves onto plastic rods by handwork to complete the whole process of artificial flowers making. 

May everybody's life can be decorated by the beauty of colorful artificial flowers.